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You might hear one or two things about employee burnout as it became a hot topping in 2019. The World Health Organization announced that burnout is an occupational phenomenon. It describes burnout as “…a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.

Then, is there any way for managers to help their team from employee burnout? These are five ways that you can deal with employee burnout. Read on!


Know the Signs

The first thing you need to do is to identify the symptoms. The symptoms are listed under three categories, physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. Headaches, fatigue, exhaustion, shortness of breath, and lack of sleep are some examples of physical symptoms of burnout. Moreover, things like anxiety, difficulties focusing, and apathy are some examples of mental symptoms of burnout. Emotional symptoms of burnout can be identified from this behavior namely, feelings of negativity, easily getting irritated, getting more fragile, and the tendency to make harsh comments. 


Understand the Source of the Problems

It is vital to discuss directly with your team members about their burnout’s root cause. In-person conversations are essential. Ensure they are comfortable talking with you about their problems. Then, please keep in mind not to make any assumptions. Provide an open space for your team members by asking them questions. Somehow it is not easy for your employees to share their struggles in the workplace so it’s highly recommended to encourage them and assure them that you are a safe place to talk to. 


Show Them That You Care (and You Really Mean It)

Many people think of employee burnout as an unusual case. Sometimes employers believe that it only happens in bad workplaces. When in fact, it could happen anywhere. That means that you have to get serious about mental health.


As a manager, there are several ways to keep your employees’ mental health as a priority. Talk about mental health to your team, not to a specific team member. This way, you can stay away from unpleasant situations while still raising this critical issue to make them more aware of it.

Be open. Not only that, you need to be confidential and private. There is a chance that your employees are comfortable talking to you about their mental health. Make sure that you give no judgment towards their feelings, and most importantly, keep your conversation confidential!


Raise Awareness about Mental Health

As we previously mentioned, employee burnout is a part of mental health issues. You can prevent this by teaching your employees how to be mentally healthy!


You can make a session about a mental health issue, or even tuck it in the job training, to make them aware of the possibility of being burnout in the first place. Teach them how to deal with personal and work issues together with ways to cope with stress. If you think that you are not capable enough to teach them, bring in mental health professionals.

You need to keep in mind that employee burnout is more than just about being overloaded at work. It happens when they are worried, stressed, anxious, or even depressed. However, there are ways for you to help them or even prevent it from happening!

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