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What is Android Modularization and How Does it Work with AR/VR Technologies?




Android Modularization is the process of separating the android application into small parts or modules that will be able to plug and play, this technique is proven as efficient development and deployment. This latest technology trend has been gaining some highlight in recent years due to its flexibility in enhancing the super apps. This modularization can help the team to integrate other technologies inside the super apps, for example with AR/VR technologies.

This AR/VR technology will have beneficial value for R&D innovation. By leveraging Android
Modularization, companies can safely develop AR/VR that is tailored to business-specific
needs. Furthermore, AR/VR technology helps businesses by reducing space and time


Exploring New Possibilities of AR & VR Technology In Combination With Android Modularization


The combination of AR and VR technology with android modularization can open up new possibilities for natural resources industries in several ways:

  1. Remote Collaborations: As teams become more spread around the globe, remote collaboration is becoming more and more crucial in the workplace. Collaboration over distance is now possible and effective thanks to AR/VR technology and android modularization techniques.

    Teams can work together on tasks that call for physical interaction or collaboration using the mobile AR/VR platform. To enable remote collaboration between different teams, AR/VR can be simplified by putting AR/VR module services into single apps.
  2. Training and simulation: Realistic simulations and training scenarios will become immersive game-changing in the natural resources industries by using Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR). Businesses in Natural Resources Industries will enhance Quality Management by giving their staff members an amazing experience that resembles the real-world setting they would experience in the field by utilizing mobile AR/VR platforms. This will enable employees to practice different tasks without leaving the convenience of their office or home.
  3. Asset management: Asset Management Tools will get more complicated as soon as the companies grow up. For example Businesses in Natural Resources Industries can build virtual replicas of maintaining natural resource assets by utilizing the power of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology. Employees will be able to see their assets in a 3D environment, which helps them decide how to manage them more effectively. This will help the industries to improve decision-making and optimize operations in these industries.
  4. Visualizing data: The development of mobile AR/VR platforms will need some enhancement, especially for business decision-makers for deciding the best action to do. By Integrating Android modularization, developers can provide interactive visualization of large data sets. Business decision-makers will be able to maximize their efficiency and make better use of their resources as a result.

Overall, the modularization of Android is a make-it-possible technology that can help businesses to maintain their super apps independently, Especially combined with AR and VR technology. This will help many industries make better decisions, work more efficiently, and spend less money.

Use Case of Combining AR & VR in Natural Resources Industries


For example, An agricultural consultant in South America, for instance, could collaborate with a group of engineers and managers in Europe to plan and streamline the operations of an African farm by remotely accessing the farm's virtual model. The team would be able to make prompt decisions and adapt to changes in the mine's operations if this were done in real-time.


Maybe this is the right time to choose Custom Software Development as this is one of most popular services chosen by clients, because of the business's complex requirements. Some business specifications need to be adjusted and cannot use off-the-shelf software. help their clients' needs by focusing analysis of client pain and needs.

For example, in the case of natural industries businesses in an event to enhance their application using AR technology will a result in interrupting other services or even worse the whole service needs to be taken down. will analyze the situations before building the best solution. By using Android Modularization technologies, restructured the application for future improvement with improved security and performance. That means after restructuring the application, future improvement can be easily achieved without interrupting other services.

The AR/VR modules will be made in this module/service. With combinations of both technologies, will result in cost savings for companies for future development.