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Mobile App Developer – The rapid development of technology is undoubtedly has led the strong growth of smartphone market, to the point it reaches 52.2% last year. The availability of cost-effective smartphone has also increased human dependency on their smartphones. From making calls to listening to music, smartphone has became an inseparable part of our life.

From the business point of view, this perpetual changes need to be treated with nimble actions. To maintain company’s competitive advantage in the market, at a certain point in time, you will face the need to develop your own mobile application and eventually to hire an app developer.


At this point, you might be hesitating. Despite the huge demand for developers and the amount of available developers to recruit, recruitment process is not an easy process to begin with. It’s time-consuming and tedious. And what if you only need the specialist for a short-time project?

Instead of hiring an in-house employee, hiring talents from an outsourcing company might be a better option for your business. It is easy: you will only need to contact the outsourcing company and they will find the right candidate for you. Your HR department will not have to experience the hassle of recruiting new employees. Plus, you can adjust the employment period to your project’s duration.


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The first thing to find out before contacting an outsourcing company is: what kind of programmer you need? Mobile app developer can be of Android, Ios (Native), Xamarin, Flutter, or React Native (Hybrid).


Native vs Hybrid

Native Mobile Application


Native are the most common type of mobile applications. They are built for use in a single particular platform or device, such as Android, and iOS, and are written in languages that the platform accepts. For example, Java or Kotlin for native Android apps, and Swift and Objective-C for native iOS apps. The main advantage of native apps is they give the best performance you can possibly get from the mobile phone, including fast and fluid animations as well as full access to phone hardware, multi touch support and the latest APIs.

Native app development is far from easy. There are different guidelines for each platform thay developers need to follow as they differ in typhography, graphic styles, visual effects, gestures, data entry, etc. Code must be written specifically for each platform as well. The code for the same application in one platform will have to be largely rewritten with little able to be shared for another platform. The logic may be the same, but the language, APIs, and the development process is completely different, hence the need of mobile developer specialized in each specific platform.

Native mobile application excels Hybrid in term of speed, considering that it has been optimized for each respective platforms. With so many Android devices available in the market with different screen sizes, only through native application development does layout on each size can be adjusted.

Between Android and iOS Developer, you need to decide which developer to hire by determining on which platform you want to launch your mobile application first.


Hybrid Mobile Application


The thing with native app development is you have to build different apps for different operating systems. It goes without saying that the time, cost, and resource you will have to spend for the development process will be doubled too…

However, now, technologies to develop hybrid mobile application is available. A hybrid app, just as its name suggests, is a single app that can be used in multiple platforms such as Android, iPhone, and Windows. It is actually a web applications/web pages in the native browsers. They look and feel like a native application but are actually run by company website.

Developed using HTML, CSS, and Javascript, hybrid apps development uses platforms like Xamarin, Flutter, and React Native to wrap the code in a native application.


Xamarin App Development

Xamarin lets mobile developers to build one application that run on many platforms using C#. With C#-shared codebase, developers are able to use Xamarin tools to write native iOS, Android, and Windows application with native user interface and share the code across multiple platforms.


React Native App Development

React Native also allows developers to build authentic native iOS and Android apps with one code database. Using React Native, developers can create a mobile application that is identical to a product developed using either Objective-C or Java. React Native, however, is written in JavaScript and React.


Flutter App Development

Flutter helps developers to develop Android and iOS applications and build highly-interactive native interface on them with a single code database. Flutter, that uses Dart to develop application, is known for its productivity as it is able to speed up the entire app development process that further assists the developers to localize their apps. This helps the apps in reaching a wider base of audience as they can be used globally as well.

Creating a hybrid apps means you can cut the time and cost it takes to develop two applications by half. Hybrid app is also easier to maintenance, as it is basically a web apps incorporated into a native shell.

If you are planning to make a hybrid mobile application for your business, you can hire a mobile developer with expertise in the framework you prefer to use (Xamarin, React, or Flutter).


Outsourcing a Mobile App Developer

When outsourcing a programmer, you are given a lot of choices that you can pick based on your business situation. Either to hire a single, dedicated one as an extend to your in-house team or the whole development team. You can hire them to work for your company from your office (on-site) or from outsourcing company’s office (remotely).


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If you are looking for a great Mobile Developer with broad and extensive working experience, you can simply put in the request to our company and we will find the right candidate to work on your project immediately. 


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