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In 2022 we have started to adapt to the not-so-new-normal situation. It’s been two years since the pandemic hit the rest of the world, and it pushed us to do things differently leading to new technology trends. The conventional way has shifted into the digital habit, and that only means that the need for sustainability, ever-rising data volumes, and intensifying compute and network speeds will begin to set their status as the most significant parts of digital transformation.

This new way of doing things that rely on the digital sphere creates the trends that are likely to focus around how different technology intersect, serving us as tools that give us remarkable assistance in our day-to-day life!


Artificial Intelligence is Getting More Popular

About five years ago, when 1,500 senior business leaders in the US in 2017 were asked about AI, only about 17% said they were familiar with it. [1] Now, we can see & even experience it in every corner of our life!


AI is no longer being used only in the technology sector. It has grown so much, showing significant deployments in many other sectors: financing, security, health care, transportation, smart cities, you name it. It even has touched our personal life. Many of our homes are now armed with AI, making it what we knew as a smart home

When it comes to business, it transforms the way we do it as we see more and more robotic process automation in admins, logistics, accounting, and HR departments. It’s not only popular but also can be found everywhere. As we have seen self-driving and self-parking cars developed and released by Tesla, it proves that AI has been already with us and ready to develop more subtly into our day-to-day activities. For a more vivid example, AI has been literally in our hands in the form of voice assistants like Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa.

These examples show us that AI technology implementation is not near. It is here. 


The Rising of Digitization, Datafication, and Virtualization

Although remote working has been around for more than a decade, it has arrived at its peak during the covid19 pandemic. Working remotely, especially during the pandemic period, involves the virtualization of our workplaces.

Digitization is a process of converting analog format into digital which initiates the trend of datafication and virtualization. These trends help build the next generation of digital environments which allow people and businesses to top off their game. 

We are used to using many tools that help us work and collaborate with our team from afar, be it slack, zoom, or even discord. However, what’s coming next is more advanced than what we have now!


You have heard about metaverse, persistent digital worlds that exist in parallel with the physical world. The most recent metaverse is the one that was proposed by Mark Zuckerberg, Meta. This would make physical distance irrelevant to being productive. 

How significant will it change our life? Well, imagine you are working from home but still able to meet your colleagues in real-time, signing digitized documents, and hanging out with people around the world virtually. 


The Emphasis on Transparency

In today’s environment, discussion about technology always involves the topic of transparency. Technology can’t work if we can’t trust it. That is why, also for other obvious reasons, transparency plays a vital role.

However, whenever there is technology innovation, there are often strong push backs against it as it is in many instances seen as conspicuous, dangerous, and irresponsible. Moreover, when we talk specifically about AI, it is often portrayed as a mystery in the sense that we can’t see inside it to understand how it works. This causes a perception when it could be possibly damaging.


The idea of transparent and clear AI has been increasing in recognition over recent years, as it has become clear that there are segments of society that distrust it for obvious (and good) reasons!

These trends would definitely take us to the next level of technology evolution. And evolution happens everyday, entering our way of processing day-to-day lives. Technology often goes without warning. As we blink, boom it happens. And we can’t deny the fact that these technology trends are high-performing cycles and require high-level knowledge and skills.

Finding high-level talents may not be the problem but acquiring one is. To perform high-level work in tech may cost you an arm and a leg especially if you plan to employ the talents. That’s when IT outsourcing comes! Not only it gives you the opportunity to realize today’s technology trends through experienced outsourcing talents and services but also it comes with many benefits including financial and organizational efficiency. Read about IT outsourcing benefits here. 

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